For August 2017       

Mondays: poptart, cereal, fruit, juice
Tuesdays: egg, cereal, fruit, juice
Wednesdays: biscuit & gravy, cereal, fruit, juice
Thursdays: breakfast burrito, cereal, fruit, juice
Fridays: sausage, cereal, fruit, juice

All breakfast served with milk


Aug 17: hot dog on bun w/chili, corn, salad, fruit
Aug 18: diced chicken, green beans, salad, fruit

Aug 21: catfish, carrots, slaw/salad, fruit
Aug 22: ravioli, green beans, salad, fruit
Aug 23: hamburger on bun, pork & beans, salad, fruit
Aug 24: sliced turkey, cheesy broccoli, salad, fruit
Aug 25: BBQ rib, green beans, salad, fruit

Aug 28: corn dog nuggets, macaroni & cheese, salad, fruit
Aug 29: goulash, carrots, bread stick, salad, fruit
Aug 30: chicken patty, potatoes, salad, fruit
Aug 31: nachos/meat/cheese, corn, salad, fruit

Chocolate & white milk with each meal.
  Menu subject to change without notice

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