A valuable teaching and recreational aid in the school is our library.  General library instruction and cooperation in maintaining an atmosphere of orderliness are taught.  Parents may help us by making certain that:

1.    Checked out books are properly cared for and protected from damage by younger siblings, visitors, or pets.  If damage
        should occur to a library book, please do not attempt to repair it.  Return the book to the library where it will be
        professionally mended.

2.    Books are returned on time.  In this way, we will be able to make maximal use of our library for each child.

3.    If a student has two books overdue, he/she cannot check out any more books until those are returned.

4.    If a student hasn't finished reading a book, it should be brought in to be renewed.  (The library is open daily - before,
        during, and after school.)

5.    Any library books that are destroyed or lost are the responsibility of the last person to check out the books.  The
       original purchase price of the book must be paid before the child receives his/her grade card.