Legal Basis

The New York R-IV School has adopted the following plan on February 11, 1986, according to the legislation of the General Assembly requiring a written discipline plan.  It was last reviewed at the August 15, 2017 board meeting.

General School Rules

1.  The teacher is in charge of the classroom.  Please respect his or her authority.

2. Students are to conduct themselves in a quiet, orderly manner in the halls and classrooms at all times.  There is to be no running in the building or congregating in the halls and rest rooms.

3.  At athletic events, public programs, assemblies, etc., you should always remember that you are representing your school and that you school will be judged by the way that you conduct yourself.

4.  Students are not to leave the school premises during the school day (including lunch) without permission from an administrator.

5.  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

6.  No fighting, swearing, teasing, or provoking others.

7.  Obey all staff members promptly.

8.  No gum chewing allowed during school hours.

9.  No caps/hats worn in the building during school hours.

10. Students will show respect for school property and all personal property.

11. Students will demonstrate honesty - no cheating, lying, or stealing.

12. No use of tobacco in any form, illegal drugs, or alcohol during school hours, on school property, or at any school sponsored event.  (This includes matches and lighters.)

13. No weapons

14. No water balloons, or electronic devices allowed. Cell phones must be turned off and kept in the backpack during the school day.  Special permission required for exceptions (plays, parties, etc.)