General Classroom Rules

1.  Students are to use the rest room before school or at recess except when given permission by their teacher.

2.  Students should be courteous to their teacher(s) when they are being reprimanded and at all other times.

3.   Grades K-8 are responsible for writing the daily assignment in the assignment book. Parents are asked to sign the assignment book each night.

4.  Students will have assignments finished at the required time.  Unless the student was absent, the score will be reduced. (Grades K-4: 10% lowered the first day/20% lowered the second day/0 received the third day). Grades 5-8: 10% first day/0 the second day).

5.  Students will not destroy or deface school property.

6.  Students are to walk in the building when changing classes, going to the cafeteria, restroom, or gym.

7.  Students will line up quietly before leaving their classroom.

7.  Specific rules will be posted in each room.