Dress Code

"The responsibility for the appearance of the students rests with the parents and the students themselves.  They have the right, within certain prescribed bounds, to determine such student's dress, providing such attire is not destructive to school property, complies with health and/or safety standards, and does not interfere with the educational process.
All wearing apparel should be neat, clean, and proper.  The appearance of the students should be based on good taste and in accordance with the high standards of our school and community."

Note:  Some Specifics

1.  Actual or implied obscenities (inappropriate pictures or words) will not be permitted on clothing.

2.  Please refrain from wearing clothing or jewelry that advertises alcohol, tobacco, gang, or drug-related logos.

3.  Shoes are required.

4.  Students will be allowed to wear appropriate shorts year round. The length of shorts and skirts must extend at or below the fingertips when arms are stretched down at the sides. Holes cut in jeans must also be at or below fingertips. 

5.  Tank tops must have shoulder straps at least 3 inches wide.

6.  No tops that allow the midriff, back, cleavage or undergarments to be visible at any time.

Boys:  All shirts must be buttoned to cover the chest.  See-through shirts, half shirts, and shirts with low hanging armholes are not considered appropriate dress.

Girls:  No halter tops, backless tops, midriffs, or see-through blouses.  (The abdominal area should be covered.)