Bus Rules


Transportation rules in conformance with Missouri State Transportation Code. All students riding buses operated for the New York R-IV School District, either on daily routes or activity trips, shall follow these rules:

1.  The bus is an extension of school property & authority. Rules applying to the school premises apply equally to the school bus.
2.  The driver is in charge of the students and the bus. Students must follow all directions given to them by the bus driver.
3.  Students are to be seated immediately after boarding the bus. They are to remain seated while the bus is in motion, facing forward with their feet on the floor. There will be no standing or walking on the bus while the vehicle is in motion. Three students will use each seat when necessary. The driver may assign seats.
4.  Conversation is to be carried on in normal tones. Loud, unnecessary noise, shouting, cursing, and foul language are strictly prohibited.
5.  Students must not at any time extend arms, head, or any objects out of the bus windows. All trash shall be placed in the trash can located at the front or rear of the bus.
6.  No food or drink will be allowed on the bus without driver permission.
7.   No balloons and/or glass allowed.
8.  The use or possession of tobacco, alcohol, and/or illegal drugs is prohibited.
9.  Students must be on time; the bus cannot wait beyond its regular bus schedule for those who are tardy.
10.  The driver will not discharge riders at places other than the regular bus stop unless by proper authorization by a parent or school official.
11. Students who cross the road after leaving the bus or to board the bus shall cross in front of the bus.
12. New York buses operate at or near the seating capacity of the bus. Students other than those assigned shall obtain permission from the principal before being permitted to board the bus for transportation to a specified destination.
A bill for damages may be sent to the parents of any student causing intentional damage to a school vehicle. Students may be deprived of the use of school buses if they violate their privilege or misbehave in any way. Any offense committed by a student on a district-owned or contracted bus will be punished in the same manner as if the offense had been committed at the student's school building. Misconduct will be treated the same as school building misconduct.

CONSEQUENCES:   All infractions will be reported to Principal and a "Bus Violation Report to Parents" will be sent home.
1.  The "first" note is only a WARNING.
2.  The "second" note will require a parent signature & returned to the driver the next morning in order for the student to ride the bus.
3.  The "third" note may bring from 3 days to complete SUSPENSION from riding the bus using the following guidelines:
        1st time = 3 day suspension.
        2nd time = 5 day suspension.
        3rd time = meeting with school board.