Playground Rules

1.  When going outside, use south door.  DO NOT USE NORTH DOOR!

2.  Play area is east and north of school building.  No playing on or around the storm shelter or out of the sight of the playground teacher.

3.  All equipment is to be used in a safe and cooperative manner.

4.   Throwing rocks is not allowed.

5.  Slide:  One person is to go down at a time, feet first--no walking up the slide--no standing up on slide--no climbing or sliding down support poles.  Keep legs inside.

6.  Swings:  One person at a time.  Do not twist chain and spin.  No standing in swing.  Bring swing to a stop and then walk away--no jumping from swing.  Swing straight.  Stay a safe distance from the person who is swinging.

7.   See-saw: Only one child on each end. No bumping off,.

8.  Merry-go-round:  Everyone is to sit with their entire body on the floor and hold on carefully.  No jumping off when it is moving.   Everyone takes their turn pushing.

9.  In games which children organize themselves, once the rules are made there is no changing them.   Changing the rules just causes arguments.

10. No radios,tape or cd players on playground or gym (Exception:  Teacher-directed games at P.E.) 11. There will be touch football only - NO tackle.

12.  Students must get permission from playground teacher to go back into the building.

13.  Whenever recess is over, line up immediately by the slide.

14.  Teacher on recess duty is the authority for that recess.